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Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Maxym Kharchenko and I am a database engineer, a UNIX sysadmin, a SQL practitioner, a PL/SQL developer,
a Perl aficionado, a database architect (choose all that apply) and, oh yes, “the guy who can install ORACLE Client on your PC” … In other words, I’m what people commonly refer to as “a DBA. I’m also a recent OCM, if you know what I mean …

You might have noticed that while this site is, technically, my blog, it is called “Intermediate SQL“, which begs for a couple of questions:

  • What is so special about SQL (that even got it to the name of the blog) ?
  • Why is that SQL “Intermediate” ?

I guess, the first question is easier to answer: I really like SQL. I think it is a simple, clean and surprisingly powerful language. Plus it’s a database thing. But beyond that …

I once sat on a flight for 3 hours next to some rather ordinary guy and when I was exiting the plane I realized that “the guy” was really – John Edwards, democratic vice presidential candidate! … SQL is somewhat like that guy (minus party affiliation) – nothing special on the outside, but dig dipper and you will see where the real power lies … dig some more and you just might change some of your core beliefs (I’m speaking strictly about database programming here 🙂 )

Update: The “John Edwards” guy actually turned out to be a real scumbag, but that is a different story.

Of course, SQL is not the only thing that is (much) bigger on the inside and full of twisted surprises and this fact will be also reflected duly in this blog … 🙂

And finally, why is that SQL “Intermediate”?

I believe, Einstein put it best when he said that Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. In other words, there is a lot of value, I’m sure, in, say, exploring what SQL WHERE clause is supposed to do, but it is MUCH more interesting to look under the hood and see not only WHAT things do, but also HOW they work and, most importantly, WHY.

On the other hand, looking under the hood too much has its own dangers as well. I.e. while information that database behavior XXX is caused by bug YYY that is resolved by patch ZZZ is sometimes really REALLY useful (I know, I’m a DBA …), it is also, in my mind, not what you would call an interesting read (and besides, other people can do it much better than me, anyway 🙂 ).

In any case, thank you for stopping by my and enjoy the show.

With Best Regards,
Maxym Kharchenko

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  1. Hi Maxym,

    Your blog is really helpfull and informative.How do you get those color coded stuffs in your examples?
    Are you using any special editors?


  2. Hello Antony,

    A couple of simple editors and plug ins:

    • Screen capture by SnagIt, which allows me to edit my screens “presentation style” …
    • “Code Colorer” plugin which does code syntax coloring

    and, of course:

    • LightWord theme by Andrei, which is simply amazing.

    Maxym Kharchenko

  3. Max, Your Style of presentation and explantion of oracle concepts is awesome man.Keep posting more in the blog


  4. Awesome blog.
    Keep up the good work mate! 🙂


  5. Hi Maxy,

    I visited your blog plenty of times and it is awesome !! I tried to follow this blog but received the error while selecting “Subscribe via RSS“. Please assist me to follow your blog

  6. Maxym, your blog is really interesting and full of useful things that make you think deeper about some essential issues! So thanks for that! Hope you will keep post new cool things here 🙂

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