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13Feb/113 tool for Linux

A very brief update.

One of the smaller (and nicer) part of ORA_MEM package is utility that shows graphically what active db processes are doing at the moment … be it running SQL, accessing db object or waiting for something.

As an added benefit, it also shows some important OS statistics, such as process state or ‘spot’ CPU utilization for your database sessions.

Previously, this tool was only available for AIX, but now I ported it to Linux as well.

If you run it as:

UNIX> -c <db connection with SELECT ANY DICTIONARY privilege> -a 5

You will see a color coded picture like the one below (click on it to see the picture full scale):

ora_cpu at work

Alternatively, run it with -h option to see what else the tool can do.

Linux version of is now available at the TOOLS section of the site, or you can use this direct link to download.

Give it a try and Enjoy đŸ˜‰

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  1. Thanks awesome, it was already really nice for AIX.. since there is not much tool for AIX (except nmon of course).

  2. Thanks, JC

  3. Hello Maxym Kharcenko

    The result from the tool is very interesting. Can the tool be used in HP-UX environment? and are there any objects created in the databse?

    Thank you

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